Filling in the application form is quick and easy. Just be sure to complete it carefully as you cannot ‘go back’ once you’ve completed a page in full. You will also need to upload a photograph of yourself. Full details will be given as you complete the form. Remember, the more information you provide us with --- the more employment opportunities you might be presented with!

1.0 Personal Details

2.0 Contact Details

Postal Address

All participants receive a small package from the UK Pub Co containing a UK Sim Card plus other important pieces of information. These are posted to you prior to your departure.

3.0 Uploads

It’s now time to see your pretty face. It is incredibly important that you follow a few pointers listed below. Remember, this photo will be viewed by prospective employers. Be sure to smile, be appropriately dressed, be looking at the camera and show your face (make sure the photo has a good view of both sides of your face). Avoid photos that are too close or too far away (show at least your head & shoulders), make sure the photo is not too blurry or dark and that you are not wearing sunglasses, costumes or have a photo with alcohol or cigarettes present. Finally, we are after a photo with just you so no group shots.

Please wait while your image is being uploaded.

Please ensure details are correct as you will be unable to return to this page once you proceed! Please note that using the browser Back and Forward buttons may cause your application to fail.